Author: juliet   Date Posted:30 August 2016 

Sticks and Stones furniture are delighted to introduce our newest range called "The Coastal Collection"  to the Australian market in Septmber 2016.

"Australian's love light coloured furniture with strong angles with a contemporary feel." says Juliet Barr owner of Sticks and Stones furniture.

"The Coastal Collection has a very modern feel and will suit lots of Australian homes and apartments. The look is light coloured lime washed timber and angular grey steel. We surveyed the right name for this and "Coastal" was by far the best name to match the look of the furniture."

"There are matching pieces so you can buy a collection that will look amazing in your living spaces. A dining table, tv cabinet, sideboard, wine cabinets, coffee tables and bookcases. Plus We have left the chair up to the consumer as we find people like to mix and match chairs."

Juliet promises, "The range will be going online with our store as soon as it hits Australia so i can get more photos up close of the various features. We know customers like photos, lots of photos so they can really check out what they are buying. The table will be the only product flat packed."

September 2016 promises to be an exciting month. Stay tuned for this range selling on line on our site late September. It will be in stock in our partner store Wildwood Designs in Sydney in their back rooms which are more Hamptons and beachy inspired decor."